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“The service at SOS water damage is superb. I had an incident last year with my pipes and unfortunately hired a different company and I ended up paying for it. The service was a disgrace, and the staff uncourageous. SOS water damage is and will continue to be my source for all types of water damage. Even though I hope I never have to see them again, lol!”
Samuel Fry, FL

"When my home flooded due to a broken pipe, SOS water damage was quick and very reliable. They fix water damaged quickly. There are many companies out there that offer quick and professional response but cant deliver when the time comes. SOS water damage provided the services they offer, quick and effectively. Thank you Jason and Rick, you guys saved my living room!"

Water Damage Restoration

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When your property experiences water damage, fast action and quick timing are the most important factors to reduce or eliminate structural damage or mold growth.

After Water damage occurs, the items that can be restored within the first 48 hours may not be restored if emergency response is delayed. That is why contacting the right water damage restoration company is vital for your property and belongings.

SOS water damage has the experience and the know how, to quickly assist you in your time of need.

S.O.S. Water Damage Repair & Restoration Company - Miami, Florida

Water Damage Repair

Our company is based in Florida and we have in excess of 15 years of experience in Water damage repair, Water damage restoration, carpet cleaning, flood water restoration, Carpet steam cleaning, and House cleaning services in industrial, commercial and domestic sectors.
Our services are available 24 HOURS, 7 DAYS A WEEK.

Why Choose S.O.S. Water Damage ?

Water Damage Miami

S.O.S. Water Damage provides a 24 hour rapid response service to the insurance industry and private sector for fire and water damage restoration in both domestic and commercial properties. We also provide a non-invasive water leak detection service using the most up to date technology including acoustics and thermography. In addition, we are able to undertake property surveys to identify the cause of unknown moisture related problems.

Operating throughout South Florida 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, all our staff are employed and trained to use the most modern equipment and techniques to return properties to pre incident condition following damage by fire or water.

Technicians specialize in either, fire, water or leak detection ensuring they have an excellent knowledge and understanding in their specific discipline.

Customer service is our highest priority at S.O.S. Water Damage and we go to great lengths to ensure we leave our customers satisfied. We provide 4 hour rapid response in emergency situations and issue a certificate of guarantee on properties we dry out. A customer satisfaction survey is sent to all customers on completion of work.

On commercial fire and water claims we provide experienced commercial project managers and work with our clients to minimize material loss and business interruption.

S.O.S. Water Damage has a long history of working with the insurance industry and count many of South Florida's leading insurers amongst our customers. SOS Water Damage, Florida – Offers Water Damage Repair and Water Damage Restoration service in Miami, Tampa, Ft Lauderdale.

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  • “SOS was fast and very professional. Thank you!”
    Jamie King
  • “I am glad I found SOS when my living room flooded, they fixed my problem very fast”
    Silvia R


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