Fire / Smoke Damage Restoration 3 Simple Steps for Fire Damage Restoration
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Fire Damage Restoration

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Our technicians can be on-site within hours of the incident. This fast response is critical to minimize the damage caused by fire and smoke contamination.
All our trained technicians employ a range of on–site and leading edge fire damage repair techniques to restore both the property and its contents. Where necessary, documents and contents can be restored at one of Munters specialist fire and water damage restoration facilities. Even furniture, paintings, etc. can be given for fire/water damage restoration via our established network of specialist contractors.
Fire Damage Restoration, Fire Damage Repair, Fire Damage Cleanup Services

Fire Damage Assessment

With fire damage restoration, fast response is critical to minimize the damage caused by fire and smoke contamination. At S.O.S. Water Damage, we employ dedicated project managers for commercial and large loss projects to ensure that the correct procedures are employed for fire damage restoration. This is done to minimize damage, disruption and ensure the property is restored to pre-incident condition in the fastest time possible.

Dependent on the nature and scale of the fire damage repair required, our assessment may include the following:

Health & Safety (risk assessment and method statements)
Prior to commencing work, we undertake a full risk assessment of the site and determine the fire damage restoration activities, techniques and processes required.

Detailed cost estimate and timeline:
We will provide an itemized estimate and time scale for recovery enabling you to coordinate your recovery schedule with ours to establish a realistic completion date.

Business priorities
By understanding the particular needs of each customer, we are able to design a fire and water restoration project plan that fits with the business’s priorities and reduces business interruption.

Stabilization needs
When it comes to fire and water damage restoration, in order to prevent further damage to the property, stabilization techniques are applied immediately. For example, this includes controlling the ambient environment with dehumidification, to negate the effects of further damage such as mould growth.

Supply chain management
In the fire damage repair process, Munters can be the central point of contact for the deployment of the supply chain, ensuring more effective and regular communication with all stakeholders. These include the Insurer, Policyholder, loss adjuster and broker. This seamless process results in a reduction in second calls to the Insurer, removal of Policyholder stress, speed of completion and the removal of additional costs associated with delays.

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